Days 14-20

Oh dear, I’ve gotten behind again. Things have been crazy busy between traveling home last weekend and trying to get my dissertation proposal completed. Brief recaps, from what I can remember:

Day 14:

Egg and fruit breakfast. Roast beef & romaine “sandwiches” for lunch again. Dinner was chili lime chicken legs, except my limes were bad so there were no limes, ha. I made chicken legs instead of wings, and I also simply cooked them in the oven. They were OK – a little boring, could’ve been a little crispier, but oh well. Served with broccoli & green beans.


Day 15:

I was traveling home on this day. No time for eggs in the morning, so I had macadamias and a pink lady apple. Lunch was my standard at Chipotle, with extra spicy stuff. This was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea. I had awful, awful stomach cramps and pains for the rest of the day. We’re talking I hadn’t been that sick in years awful. I have no idea what happened, but I can tell you I’m conditioned and will never be going back to Chipotle. For dinner, Mark & I met my family at a restaurant in town. I ordered a steak, without its red wine sauce, veggies, and a salad with no cheese or croutons and olive oil vinaigrette. Of course, my salad came out with cheese and croutons, but once they  took it back and replaced it, I was good to go. It was a decent meal, but I was definitely jealous of everyone else’s food. Especially the salsa and cheese dip they got as an appetizer. 😛 Stomach pains continued on through the night, sigh.

Day 16:

Today was the day of my friend’s wedding. I had my eggs & fruit breakfast and then we decided to go swimming for a couple of hours. I’ve always brought snacks such as reduced fat Cheez-Its or candy to the pool (oh dear. what in the world was I thinking?), so I missed that a little, since this was my first time swimming even since just switching to clean eating, much less Whole 30 eating. But overall, it was fun. For lunch, my mom made a grass-fed beef stir fry with an assortment of veggies. Then, it was off to the wedding. I snacked on some cashews on the way (the only Whole30 nuts I could find at the gas station we stopped at) since it was a late wedding. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many options for me food-wise. They had a pasta bar which seemed to be serving as most people’s meal, but that was obviously out for me. So I ended up with some pecan-encrusted chicken, a slice of medium rare roast beef, some overly seasoned green beans, and a tiny bit of zucchini and squash. I was pretty disappointed there weren’t more options, but oh well. I did surrender myself to a small slice of cake, something I had decided on before going. It was good, but not as good as one would anticipate after cutting out sugar for so long. I’d like to add that I did NOT eat the icing. Another lesson learned – very few things are worth it. I went home hungry, but didn’t stop to pick up a bunch of crap like I probably would have otherwise, so a small victory there.

Day 17:

Ah, Father’s Day. Mark & I woke up late, so no breakfast other than snacking on the leftover cashews from the night before. We went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. I tell you, if I could only eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be Mexican food. We ordered guacamole as an appetizer, but I couldn’t try it because I can’t have chips. I was a little sad I couldn’t munch on chips and salsa, but I do have to say that it was nice to actually be able to enjoy my food instead of already being full from chips and salsa! I ordered steak tacos, but obviously left the tortillas and cheese off and just ate the meat with onions, tomatoes, avocado, and salsa. For dinner, we grilled out, which is something I love to do when I’m home. We had steaks with zucchini, squash, and onions. My mom also made a nice Whole30 salad with a dressing of olive oil, vinegar, and mustard. The mustard was a nice touch! Overall, very enjoyable – we even got to eat outside. I really miss rural living sometimes.

Day 18:

Egg and fruit breakfast. Had to watch (and smell) Mark eat turkey bacon, hmph 😛 For lunch, my mom made Italian turkey, which was basically ground turkey with tomatoes and other Italian seasonings over zoodles. Pretty tasty! I will definitely need to make it again. This seemed to be a weekend of hurdles for me, as we went to the movies that afternoon. I never used to get anything at the movies, but in the past few years, I’ve become a popcorn and candy girl for sure. Even though we had just eaten, I still wanted popcorn and know I would have gotten it had it not been for the Whole30. While I sometimes feel resentful, I think these are important lessons that are really increasing my awareness about my habits. Like I said, I had just eaten and wasn’t even hungry, so why in the world would I have gotten popcorn? So despite my pouting, this was another good teaching lesson. I survived and didn’t even really think about the popcorn that much throughout the movie. 😉 For dinner, we ended up going to my favorite Mexican restaurant in the whoollleee world. Like I said, I could live off of this place forever and be perfectly happy. Mark got cheese dip, rawr. To quote him: “This is the best cheese dip I have ever had”. I can’t wait to have it again, that’s for sure. I got tacos again, obviously leaving off the tortillas and cheese. This place is so darn good, I was completely satisfied even without the actual taco! I was a happy camper after this meal.

Day 19

I woke up really late this day, so no breakfast. I was at school until 3:30, so I wasn’t able to eat lunch until about 4. I cooked some ground beef with bell peppers, broccoli, garlic, coconut aminos, and coconut oil, basically making a little stir fry. I made the mistake of going to Zumba about an hour and a half after eating, and my food had clearly not been totally digested. I felt awful and so sick for the rest of the night that I didn’t eat any dinner. I wasn’t hungry at all – just sick feeling. :/

Day 20

Eggs for breakfast today. I am officially in need of a grocery store run, as I’m completely out of produce. I snacked on some macadamias since I was at school all day. I also cooked a standard beef patty and some green beans to take with me for lunch. Around dinner time, all I could think about was more Mexican food and wishing that I could go to my favorite place here in the city. Mark was at work, though, and I didn’t want to go alone – plus, we had just stocked up on lots of grass fed beef that needed to be eaten. Thus, I made Mexican at home! Or at least I tried. I cooked chicken and steak strips with onion, salsa, garlic, and jalapenos and served it with a side of zucchini and green beans. I had wanted to make cauliflower rice, but my cauliflower had gone bad. :/ The meat was pretty decent and helped my craving!


Time seems to be going more quickly now. I’m mostly just bored with what I’m eating at this point and still craving sugar a lot. I have started thinking about what I will do after the Whole 30, but that is a discussion for another day. I think that even though I’m still having cravings, I’m learning to distinguish cravings caused by external things (stress, everyone else is eating something yummy, etc) versus actually just wanting to eat the darn food I can’t have. Making that distinction will be helpful for me once I no longer have the Whole30 holding me back, so that I can ask myself, “Why do I really want this?” And if the answer is that I’m hungry and I just freaking want it, then I’m not going to deny myself!

10 more days…


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