Day 13

Another day down. Last night, I had some chamomile tea to try and calm my stomach cramps. It didn’t help, but it did put me to sleep at least. I woke up this morning with the cramps still there and feeling a little feverish as well. I’m really not sure what is going on. I had my egg & fruit breakfast anyway and eventually started feeling a little better.

I recently bought some romaine lettuce leaves at Trader Joe’s:

I love how easy TJ’s makes things!

Thus, I decided to use the leaves as “bread” and make sandwiches with them. I had also purchased some Applegate Naturals roast beef after realizing that the roast beef, unlike the turkey, does NOT have carrageenan (yay!), so I topped the leaves with a slice of roast beef (they’re pretty thick slices), mustard, onion, and green bell peppers.


I folded the leaves up like a pita or taco in order to eat them. They were pretty tasty, although they left my breath pretty stinky, so be warned. I ate these with green beans and grapes and it was pretty satisfying.

For dinner, I had chicken but had no idea what to do with it. I thought about maybe trying to do a barbecue chicken, so I found this recipe for coconut chicken nuggets and barbecue sauce. Instead of nuggets, I made strips and just cooked them on the stove rather than sticking them in the oven. I made a zucchini/squash/onion stir fry and steamed some snow peas to go with the strips and sat down to try my first homemade, Whole30 barbecue sauce.


…and boy, was I disappointed. Again. The chicken alone was a little too sweet and the sauce had waaayyyy too much orange juice. Pretty much the only thing I could taste was the orange. On top of all that, I cooked my zucchini and squash too long so they were basically a pile of mush. 😦 Another unsatisfying dinner for me. These meals make it so difficult to want to stay on this plan. I was excited, too, because I was planning to marinate my chicken legs in the leftover sauce for tomorrow night’s dinner but since it is so nasty, I don’t think I will. That just means more work for me, and food wasted on top of that! Sigh.

So once again…..I will try again tomorrow.


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