Day 6

Today was a bit easier. It didn’t start out that way because I had to get blood drawn this morning, and I absolutely hate getting that done. I woke up feeling anxious not just because I had to have blood drawn, but because my doctor had ordered 26 blood tests, so I knew it was gonna take awhile. I didn’t, however, think it would take 45 minutes to take 7 vials of blood. But it did. And 3 needle sticks, at that. I almost passed out, had to lie down. All in all, it was no fun. Oh, and I’m never ever going back to that place again. My hand has been swollen and bruised all day. :/

After that debacle, all I could stomach for breakfast was a banana. I went to school early to try and be productive, and planned to take my leftover pepper stuffing and some macadamias for my lunch. In typical me fashion, I forgot my lunch on the counter, so I didn’t eat lunch until 3:30 this afternoon. Whoops. I still didn’t have much of an appetite at lunch, but I ate everything just because I was so hungry. I’ve had pretty low energy today, partly because I had to omit my thyroid hormones for my blood tests. I had hoped to get my first run in but that didn’t happen due to fatigue and my messed up food intake. I’m really, really missing my runs, so I hope I can start them again by Friday.

For dinner, I decided to use my spirelli and make a zucchini noodle stir fry. I wasn’t absolutely repulsed by the idea of eating food tonight, so that was progress. First, I chopped up some onion and green,red, and yellow bell peppers and sauteed them in coconut oil. While those were cooking, I made my “zoodles”. The spirelli was awesome – my only complaint is that I had difficulty with the last 1/3 of the zucchini and not really being able to spiral them. Here’s what they looked like:

Pretty cool!

Once those were made, I sauteed them in coconut oil and added a little bit of coconut aminos. I added the chicken to my pepper and onion mixture, adding in some coconut aminos, crushed garlic, and sesame seeds. I briefly steamed some broccoli, green beans, carrots, and the zucchini I couldn’t spiral and then added them to the pepper and chicken mixture. I also threw in some mushrooms to the mix, just because they were in the fridge and they add more nutrients (woohoo)! My plate ended up looking pretty, if I do say so myself:


It was pretty tasty, especially given my loss of appetite the past couple of days. The coconut aminos don’t mimic soy sauce exactly; they’re a little milder and definitely less salty. I like them, though, and they added the flavor I was looking for to the point where I didn’t miss the soy sauce. While I don’t plan to continue eliminating dairy and all grains from my diet once I’m done with this, I’m hoping I can maintain going without soy. Soy has been shown to interfere with many things, including thyroid function, so I think it will be beneficial to continue cutting it out.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the day. My cravings were greatly reduced today, which was a nice reprieve from the constant thoughts about candy, haha. The only craving I had was for an Einstein’s bagel after I had my blood drawn. I have to get blood drawn once a month and Mark always takes me because of my susceptibility to wooziness during/after the blood draw, so we’ve established a routine of going to Einstein’s afterward. I really missed that tradition today, but the craving didn’t last much past the morning. Just another example of how we rely on food/food traditions to make us feel better!

I can’t believe tomorrow is day 7….I hope it keeps getting easier.


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