Days 14-20

Oh dear, I’ve gotten behind again. Things have been crazy busy between traveling home last weekend and trying to get my dissertation proposal completed. Brief recaps, from what I can remember: Day 14: Egg and fruit breakfast. Roast beef & romaine “sandwiches” for lunch again. Dinner was chili lime chicken legs, except my limes were… Continue reading Days 14-20

Day 12

Another boring day. Attempted eggs for breakfast – they tasted super yucky. Strawberries and blueberries, it was. Last night’s dinner leftovers and grapes for lunch. Chipotle salad for dinner. Stomach cramps are out of control tonight. I want to blame it on Chipotle, but that would be a first. No idea what else the cause… Continue reading Day 12

Days 8-11

So it’s been a crazy busy weekend, obviously. Not to mention my desire to stay on Whole30 is still wavering, but I’ve stuck to it. So a brief recap: Day 8 (June 7, 2013) I spent basically all day working on my dissertation, which was really draining. I had to also do some grocery shopping,… Continue reading Days 8-11

Day 7

Today was pretty boring. Standard egg breakfast, followed by a lot of apartment searching. Because I only had about half an hour between searching and having to be at school, Mark & I stopped for lunch at Chipotle. I had seen that it was possible to be Whole30 compliant there, despite their website stating that… Continue reading Day 7

Day 6

Today was a bit easier. It didn’t start out that way because I had to get blood drawn this morning, and I absolutely hate getting that done. I woke up feeling anxious not just because I had to have blood drawn, but because my doctor had ordered 26 blood tests, so I knew it was… Continue reading Day 6

Day 5

Today was rough. Morale is waning. I woke up hungry, but wanting anything but eggs. I force fed myself before I had to go to yet another doctor’s appointment (story of my life right now). After the doctor’s appointment, I came home and made lunch for Mark and I. I had to be at school… Continue reading Day 5